29 Sep 2010

Behave 1.1 released

Hello reader. It’s been quite a while since my last conf… post.

Yea sorry about that. Busy, busy, but then again I suppose most had probably figured that one out. However, I have had a bit of time here and there over the last few months to polish away on Behave and keep it compatible with Unity 3 as it developed.

A lot of this keeping up to date work at times resulted in some good old fashion rewrites – like the entire asset handling and parts of the compiler. This is probably not very interesting to you, but it is quite so to me as it has allowed me to restructure internally in ways that make the system as a whole more flexible and ready for change and additions.

One of those additions which I did sneak in next to the polish and updating is a new debugger. The in-game debugger has been thrown out in favour of one living in your editor environment. YAY! No really, yay. You will like this and not just because I say so. Ah and as much requested this one actually dives into sub-trees, making it actually quite useful compared to its predecessor.

Oh and the compiler runs on Windows too now. And I also shaved off some cruft in the action/decorator handler syntax, making Ricardo extra happy.

I will be putting up some short documentation for Behave 1.1 shortly, but if you still haven’t decided to download yet, here is a short teaser on the new debugger: This text is a link to a movie file. Click it. It will be fun!

Enough blabbering though. The package is available in the download section and the changelog is right here:

  • Made compatible with Unity 3.0 – including ensuring that the 2.5-2.6.1 bug preventing compilation on Windows is fixed on the Unity side.
  • UI tweaks and polish.
  • Added the option to have return values of nodes be inverted.
  • Fixed compiler bug when facing sequence or selector with only one child node.
  • Renamed Library.Tree → Library.InstantiateTree.
  • Added Tree.Tick () and Tree.Reset () methods using the IAgent instance given at instantiation of the tree.
  • Removed the abstract Library class.
  • Changed generated library class:
    • Trees → TreeType.
    • Actions → ActionType.
    • Decorators → DecoratorType.
    • Tree InstantiateTree (int, IAgent) → static Tree InstantiateTree (TreeType, IAgent)
    • int TreeID (Tree) → static TreeType Type (Tree)
    • bool IsAction (int) → static bool IsAction (int)
    • bool IsDecorator (int) → static bool IsDecorator (int)
  • Upped editor performance.
  • New asset structure change with automatic import of Behave 1.0 assets.
  • Changed action and decorator handlers. These are now the handlers mapped:
    • public BehaveResult Init[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender, string stringParameter, float floatParameter, IAgent agent, object data);
    • public BehaveResult Tick[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender, string stringParameter, float floatParameter, IAgent agent, object data);
    • public void Reset[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender, string stringParameter, float floatParameter, IAgent agent, object data);
    • public BehaveResult Init[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender);
    • public BehaveResult Tick[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender);
    • public void Reset[Name][Action/Decorator] (Tree sender);
    • public BehaveResult [Name][Action/Decorator] {get; set;}
  • Added support for collection duplication.
  • Moved debug rendering into the editor with its own dedicated debugger window, including actor listing.
  • Debugger now renders active sub-trees as well.

Oh and if you are upgrading a previous Behave install in a project, please see Readme.txt for details on snags you might hit and how to solve the whole thing in 4-5 steps.

Ah and one more thing: Behave 1.1 removes the “only for non-commercial work” clause from the license.

Have fun! And remember to tell me about all your awesome projects!

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