11 Oct 2010

Behave 1.2 released

That’s right! I know it’s only been … uh … well less time than I usually take to get it together and push out a new version. But since I was a bit on a roll with the release of Behave 1.1 not too long ago, and given that a last minute bug has snuck into that release, I decided to push on.

So here we are – new version out in a jiffy. What’s new you say? This is what’s new:

  • Fixed release building.
  • Added the priority selector, introducing the API points:
    • int IAgent.SelectTopPriority (Tree sender, params int[] IDs);
    • enum BL[LibraryName].PriorityType { PriorityName, …, Unknown };
  • Added support for branch contexts, introducing the API points:
    • enum BL[LibraryName].ContextType { ContextName, …, Unknown };
    • int Tree.ActiveContext { get; }
  • Changed IAgent interface:
    • Tick (bool init, Tree sender) → Tick (Tree sender, bool init)
  • Added “Select asset” button to the standard inspector.
  • Interface polish.

I’ll make sure to update the documentation to reflect the new API changes and yes, more is coming on that front.

And yes I will be releasing a new demo project. I just wanted to make it something different, and nice for you guys, y’know? So hang in there.

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