09 Oct 2011

So I've been a bit busy lately

Little under half a year later and I’m still here. Things have been rather hectic since my last update. In Copenhagen we conquered more office space and my team moved in there. I made some demos (Third Person MMO Controller and Astro Dude), went to a conference, worked on a Unity release and pitched in to realize another killer conference.

By the way at that last conference I did a talk titled “AI in Unity” – the goal of which was to try and demystify the concept of AI a bit. I’ll make some noise when we have the recording of it available.

Oh and I fixed the comments on the blog, so I’ve just cleared out 300-something spam posts. Anyone got advice on how to avoid this on a WordPress blog? (Read: I’m too lazy to change blogging system if anyone suggests that). Oh and therefore I enabled the “must approve comments” thingy. Not sure if that is going to help anything, but at least it will reduce the noise on your end.

So what is next then? Well I’ve got a few things I’d like to release in a Behave point upgrade and then the plan is to move on to 2.0 which will hold some backwards-compatibility breaking changes.

At Unity there’s a bit more 3.5 stuff to do and some even awesomererer demos on the way. The extra awesomeness has been underway for quite a while, so I’m very excited to get this out soon.

I very recently started playing around with some RPG mechanics in my spare time (had a day off after Unite and couldn’t sit still). It’s so spare time that the plan is to have no additional plans. Let’s see where that goes.

Ah and I’ll work with some groovy dudes on getting a 3D themed workshop event up and going early next year. I don’t think it has been announced yet, but it will be awesome – and full of Unity of-course. That should hit right before the other groovy thing I’m working on again this year with more awesome dudes and dudettes. Fun times!

What else? Oh yea. With my low bandwidth for updates, I’ve increasingly turned to twitter and the gist feature of github. Hopefully I will have the time to do some good reads in the Tips and Tricks section soon, but the gist setup is just so very quick.

I probably forgot a ton of stuff, but hopefully this was a good reboot of this blog thing. Let’s see what happens. Maybe I could start blogging about that RPG thing if it accidentally turns interesting. We’ll see.

Have fun!

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